Vertical and horizontal strips is a timeless way boost the room’s energy levels. ‘Strip-up’ the walls to give it more height or make the room more wider. Or simply use it in accessories, furniture, rugs and play with different textures to liven up the space.

I recently came across an interior design site blogging about ‘strip’ trend and how it is still in fashion since last year. Posting some inspiration for you.

The striped rug and cushions against white gives the room’s mood an instant lift.

Strips and swirls add a dash of energy to the ‘brown’ room.

Personally one of my favourite. Love the black and white effect of the striped wall blending with the black curtains and black wall. The green chair cushions are a sharp contrast to the background. Gives an overall perfectly ‘balanced’ contrast.

The very close blue horizontal lines give a dash of bold energy in the bachelor’s bedroom.


I was introduced to the world of cooking by my Marriage! So you’ll say that’s how other girls were too, moms pestering them to cook…come in the kitchen and learn how to cook…what will you do after marriage?…well here’s the twist. It wasn’t my mom but my husband who pestered me!

I didn’t know a kitchen existed in my house before marriage (or more like before I met my husband). The only times I would ever enter the kitchen was when I was hungry (which is practically every hour…trust me!). I love food. I love eating. I had my mom dishing out delicious food for me. I had my house-boy serving food off the stove for me. I lived a perfect life. Not that I live it any less now! BUT I have to cook NOW if I want to eat! Except at times when my husband serves me his amazing cooking.

Our conversations just before marriage would totally revolve around me learning to cook. Forcefully. what did you cook today? Did you learn to make this dish? Please learn to make this dish…please learn to make that dish…did you sit with mom and write down all the recipes?..oh don’t forget to learn this dish, I am dying to have it!! In short I was going mad. I had always heard praises for his cooking so why not continue the cooking even after I come?? But we all know the universal truth no matter how many times a guy cooks before marriage, it’s a no-no after marriage.  And I was so not a kitchen person then (& I guess am still not). I would dread weekends, the 2 days I had decided I would cook. I always had a keen interest in making desserts but hated main course. SO but obvious my kitchen on weekends would turn into a war field! Some of the dishes turned out good with my mom’s last-minute touches. Some not even worthy of mentioning.

There was a time when my parents had gone out on the weekend and I very proudly told my mom I would make baked cheese chicken for lunch. Well I did everything somewhat perfectly and kept it for baking. And then started bragging about it to my best friend on the phone. Mom comes home, checks the chicken and goes crazy. That’s when I realized that I had forgotten to put oil so my chicken was stuck on the foil, was totally dry and the less said, the better..! Even my best friend could not stop laughing at my stupidity! 🙁 But common don’t start judging me on this episode alone. There were also many times (ok fine just 2 times..) when I actually cooked better than my mom! 🙂 🙂

My food experiments and mishaps continued after marriage too. The first lunch I cooked was half burnt. But in my defense, it was the first time I had used a hot plate and did not know the intensity of the heat and all…ok fine…but I did improve with all my experiments. Now even my cooking surprises me at times! Mom gets a shock when I tell her I try all those fancy dishes and they turn out good. She once asked ME how I make a certain dish! My husband has reduced his weekend cooking too! I  am still thinking if I should take this as a compliment.

But I still have those bad kitchen-days. Who doesn’t? And if you ask me, I will still say am not a kitchen-person. I still find an excuse to escape the kitchen trap.

This is one of the first desserts I made and was a 200% success on the first go itself. This is when I discovered my passion for making desserts.

Its called Pineapple Soufle. Well the name basically depends on which fruit(s) you are using. Since I first made this using Pineapples, I shall share the recipe using the same fruit too.


1 Pineapple jello packet boiled in water

1 can of Pineapple pieces excluding the syrup

1 can nestle cream

Condensed milk (depending on the sweetness you want)


  1. You start with making the jelly as per the instructions on the box of the Jello. Leave it to cool.
  2. In a blender, blend the cream, canned fruit (without the juice/syrup) or fresh fruits, condensed milk and the cooled jello. Blend it together real good. I usually add just a little condensed milk to begin with. And then as per the taste of all the ingredients blended together, add more. The secret of this recipe is that the ingredients should be blended together for a good amount of time.
  3. Pour in container and set it in the fridge for atleast 5 hours before serving. You can garnish it with fruits, chocolates anything. I prefer grated choc. 🙂

You can also try mixing two fruits. That way, one fruit will be in the form of the jello and other the canned fruit.

Happy Eating!


I was just googling for an interesting and fun way to write an intro for my first blog. That’s when I remembered the endless slambooks we all used to write back in school and so here goes. Some questions are copied & some modified.

Read more, get to know me more!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your comments or even answer a few questions! Enjoy 🙂

Name – Nisreen Fidahusen

Petnames – Nishu, Nish, Fatso (husband calls me that although am thinner than ‘thin’), Murderer (best friend calls me this in her mobile!)

Working or Studying or other – Happily unemployed but desperately looking fr work..

Describe yourself in 3 sentences – hmmm thats a difficult one for a complicated person like me to ans..ok…

1) I live to eat

2) A sleeping beauty truly

3) Cherish my family and friends more than anything and above everything

Married/Happily single – Happily married to Murtaza

Some words or phrases you use most – Whatever, cool, dont eat my head, junglee (wild-crazy in eng)..

Your hobbies – Eating, shopping, talking, laughing, baking..

Have any scars – Nope

Do you know what time you were born – I guess early morning around 3a

One thing you’d change about yourself – hmm..definitely my short temper

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be – Alive – Hrithik Roshan / Dead – My grandmother..miss her a lot…

What is your favorite thing to wear – Jeans any day..

What’s your favorite food – wld a cuisine do? Chinese any day!

Favorite friend Best/fav friend all time Judy…

Hottest guy – My 3 yr old nephew Ammar..

If you are alone on an Island and you have only one partner to choose..whom would you choose ,why – Ammar…he does come up with some weird & adorable ideas

What is your favourite Disney movie – very predictably, Cinderella!

Do you get scared of the dark – very much

Coffee or energy drinks – hot choc

Who is the last person you made mad – Murtaza

Favourite clothing brand(s) – oh I’v got many…Splash, Zara, Max, Giordano, Bossini…

What’s your dream car – Audi, BMW 2 door

First job – aftr I finished my 12th…receptionist/secretary in an insurance firm..

Do you wish on stars – not really..jst fr fun sometimes

Favourite pizza topping – Cheeeessee!

How do you release your anger – scream it out on my husband, my punching bag!

Do you use sarcasm – are you kidding me?!

Zodiac sign – Cancer

Eye colour – Dark brown

Hair color – Black

Summer or winter – had enough of heat for 24 yrs so definately winter now…